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Providing Support For Those In Need

There comes a time in everyone’s life where a little help wouldn’t go amiss. Whether you seek physical or mental support, our carers are unmatched in providing comforting and tailored help to those that need it most.

Heartfelt Service

Each one of our services has the sole purpose of easing life for our service users. Our staff share this incentive and dedicate their efforts to uphold such a tailored and bespoke service.

Comfort Is Our Priority

Seeking aid from a potential stranger can be a daunting task for anyone, especially those in need. Our easing methods of support provide service users with peace of mind.

One To One Support

The support provided is dedicated to the individual, focusing on their personal needs. Our one to one support methods promotes the act of forming bonds between carer and patient.

Long Term Relations

We provide our service users with carers that share similar interests, hobbies and even views. Finding these mutual grounds can be a great starting point for long term relationships.

Truly Passionate Carers

Each one of our carers has a passion for providing care for those in need; it’s more than a job to them. Joyfredwil have extensive amounts of carers that go the extra mile each of our service users.

That Extra Push

While dealing with physical and mental constraints, service users may find it difficult to continue with daily routines. Our carers will provide extra motivation in completing daily tasks.

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Our Services

Providing Healthcare staff

We are a trusted provider of Nurses and Healthcare assistants to the health and social care sectors. We currently support care homes and nursing homes

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary care is becoming increasingly popular for those seeking support. Remaining at home and still receiving the care they need in the form of short visits is a highly flexible form of support.

Nursing care location

Live In Care

The live in care we provide is completely tailored to the patient. We believe that your loved one can remain in the comfort of their own home, and still receive the optimal care for their specific needs.

Nursing Care

Those with more demanding struggles requiring medicine administration will require the aid of a nurse. Our nursing care is a great option for those seeking care at home, whilst still requiring physical aid.

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