With domiciliary care in Bircotes, you or your loved one can remain in the place you feel most comfortable – at home. Our team of supportive and considerate live-in carers can help to improve the quality of life for you or your family member, and allow you extra years in the comforts of your familiar surroundings.

When everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, shopping and getting out the house become a struggle, it is time to consider your options as a family, to reach an ideal solution so that your loved one can receive the daily care they need. However, this does not have to mean leaving familiar surroundings and moving into a care home, which for many feels like a daunting change and a loss of independence.

Domiciliary care in Bircotes in the form of a live in carer offers a desirable alternative to moving into a care home.

Elderly & Disabled Domiciliary Care in Bircotes

Joyfredwil provide a trusted, personal and high quality domiciliary care service in Bircotes. Our experience working in the home care industry means that our carers receive training to the highest standards and we are able to support clients with a range of disabilities and illnesses. We work with adults of all ages who may be in need of support. We understand that each individual requires a unique type of care, specific to their requirements and their level of independence. Yet, there is one thing that our clients do share – the desire to remain in their own home.

We provide our clients with all the support they need to do exactly that. For many clients we work with in Bircotes, this means they get to spend the latter years of their life in a home that they have grown to love. A home filled with memories, photographs and sentimental items that make a home so special. For our other younger clients who may be impacted by a disability or illness, this allows them to experience life in the place they know as home.


Operating in Bircotes with many years experience in the home care industry, we are just a phone call away from a better quality of life for you and your family. Our carers possess a passion to provide support. They will help to fulfil daily tasks, such as household chores and even hobbies and walks. Enquire about domiciliary care in Bircotes today!


There are a number of reasons why a vulnerable person in need of day to day care might prefer domiciliary care rather than moving into a care home.

Remaining in your own home in Bircotes allows you a level of comfort and independence which might not be possible in a care home. Everyday activities such as deciding what you want to eat, when you want to eat, what you would like to watch on television and when you would like to have family/friends round, are all things that you can control. Our carers will assist and support you with these daily tasks. We’ll take a hands on approach when needed, but also offer space and independence when the client requires this.

Another key benefit to keep in mind when deciding between domiciliary care and a care home, is the fact that our clients get the undivided attention of their live in carer on a day to day basis. This means that you will build a rapport with them; you will not only gain a carer but also a close friend. Whereas in a care home, despite the best efforts of staff, they inevitably have to divide time among residents.

Long Term Relations

Loyalty is a huge factor in our home care methods. We seek to provide our patients with domiciliary care that can lead to a long term relationship, further ensuring trust and companionship, especially when entering the patients home in Bircotes.

Constantly Seeking Knowledge

Although we strive to provide the perfect domiciliary care for our clients in Bircotes, we are also forever improving and learning.

Above & Beyond

Our live in carers go the extra mile to ensure complete happiness and satisfaction for our patients.

No Details Missed

Through great communication comes great service. We establish exactly what our patients require, down to each small detail.
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